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Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals

Manuals for the Atari 8-Bit Computer Family, including the 400, 800, 800XL and 800XE, and related products.


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Computer Manuals (Hardware and Software)
The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library

atari 34
program 24
computer 17
disk drive 17
press 15
disk 12
joystick 9
screen 9
program recorder 8
cartridge 7
diskette 7
programs 7
Atari 6
apx 6
atari basic 6
file 6
game 6
800 5
apx computer 5
cassette 5
computer programs 5
cursor 5
display 5
dos 5
switch 5
Exchange 4
Program 4
XE 4
atari computer 4
command 4
drive 4
key 4
option 4
sectors 4
software 4
switch box 4
tape 4
user instructions 4
Manual 3
XL 3
computer program 3
controller 3
data 3
data cord 3
equipment 3
hardware accessories 3
joystick controller 3
light gun 3
points 3
program software 3
puter 3
spartados 3
start key 3
tape counter 3
television screen 3
version 3
8-bit 2
advanced 2
alpha systems 2
atari dos 2
backup 2
bad 2
bad sectors 2
basic cartridge 2
basic language 2
basic program 2
binary 2
binary load 2
blaster 2
bonus 2
bug 2
cable 2
cartridge door 2
cassette tape 2
castle 2
chapter 2
color 2
command purpose 2
commands 2
directory 2
disk operating 2
disk speed 2
diskettes 2
driver 2
editor 2
enter 2
graphics 2
graphics characters 2
gun 2
help key 2
icegraf 2
icepic 2
icepic software 2
keyboard 2
language cartridge 2
level 2
load 2
magnetic 2
main menu 2
menu 2
move 2
power 2
press control 2
press help 2
printer 2
second time 2
sector 2
select 2
select key 2
shields 2
spartados version 2
television 2
ultimenu 2
variables 2
word 2
word atari 2
80 1
8bit 1
Blackjack 1
Dump 1
Interface 1
Landing 1
Owner's 1
Screen 1
Simulator 1
Sketchpad 1
Tutor 1
Utility 1
XEP80 1
accessories 1
accuracy 1
acoustic modem 1
adjust 1
adjust disk 1
advanced musicsystem 1
advanced technical 1
adventurers 1
aec key 1
alpha 1
alpha shield 1
alpherion 1
alpherion base 1
alpherion military 1
antenna 1
anthill 1
arlington 1
arrow 1
arrow key 1
asc 1
asc aec 1
assault 1
assault ship 1
atari memory 1
atari paddle 1
atari program 1
attack 1
attack ship 1
autoprint option 1
bak 1
bak graphics 1
ball 1
balls 1
banner 1
banner generator 1
barnyard 1
base 1
basic 1
basic computer 1
basketball 1
batch file 1
bentley 1
best time 1
binary loader 1
boxed items 1
bug blaster 1
bug hunt 1
bugs 1
butcher 1
butcher bill 1
button 1
byte 1
carnival 1
carnival massacre 1
cassette file 1
cassette version 1
castle hassle 1
castles 1
centipede 1
cfl 1
cfl cfl 1
char 1
character 1
character height 1
character width 1
characters 1
chess 1
coil 1
coil spring 1
column 1
english 382
Date Published
Atari 1050 Disk Drive Owner's Guide (1982)(Atari)
Topics: disk, atari, diskette, drive, diskettes, connector, magnetic, dos, equipment, serial, disk drive,...
Atari 400 Owners Guide (1980)(Atari)
Topics: atari, computer, cartridge, switch, antenna, labeled, connect, insert, plug, power, switch box,...
Atari XC12 Program Recorder Owner's Manual (1986)(Atari)
Topics: cassette, tape, program, atari, equipment, press, television, interference, programs, tabs,...
Atari 800 Owners Guide (1981)(Atari)
Topics: atari, computer, program, switch, cartridge, graphics, key, puter, programs, characters, switch...
Atari 1200XL Owners Guide (1982)(Atari)
Topics: atari, computer, program, switch, puter, keyboard, cursor, key, cable, screen, switch box, word...
SpartaDOS Construction Set (1985)(ICD)
Topics: command, spartados, file, atari, dos, directory, version, diskette, chapter, commands, atari dos,...
Computer Chess (1979)(Atari)(US)
Topics: computer, chess, joystick, press, key, cursor, level, piece, atari, move
R-Time-8 SDCS Supplement (1985)(ICD)
Topics: spartados, disk, command, dos, handler, atari, chapter, commands, hard, diskette, hard disk, atari...
Cassette Operating System - COS (1983)(Alpha Systems)
Topics: cassette, program, file, disk, press, option, backup, load, atari, loader, loader program, cassette...
Atari valFORTH Documentation
Topics: dup, screen, command, swap, display, screens, val, color, editor, endif, video editor, display...
Atari 1200XL Home Computer Owner's Guide (1982)(Atari)
Topics: atari, computer, program, switch, puter, key, keyboard, cursor, cable, screen, switch box, word...
Attack at EP-CYG-4 (1982)(Romox)(US)
Topics: controller, tartillian, ship, targeting, shields, cursor, attack, defect, oft, pressing, targeting...
SpartaDOS Construction Set (1985)(ICD)[notes]
Topics: spartados, disk, files, atari, rename, file, dos, binary, newsletter, menu
Centipede (1982)(Atari)(US)
Topics: bug, centipede, spider, mushroom, blaster, controller, joystick, segment, cartridge, frenzied, bug...
Crystal Castles (1984)(Atari)(US)
Topics: bentley, gem, atari, points, crystal, castles, castle, magic, press, eaters, gem eaters, magic hat,...
Atari 810 Disk Drive Owners Guide (1981)(Atari)
Topics: atari, disk, drive, diskette, program, diskettes, computer, printer, data, magnetic, disk drive,...
Diskey (1982)(Adventure International)
Topics: file, sector, disk, routine, sectors, diskey, routines, directory, byte, map, disk map, sector map,...
Atari 1010 Program Recorder Owner's Guide (1982)(Atari)
Topics: program, tape, cassette, atari, press, computer, equipment, rewind, programs, television,...
Carnival Massacre (1983)(Thorn EMI)(GB)
Topics: passengers, carnival, ferris, massacre, coil, displayed, wheels, player, butcher, cartridge, coil...
Crossbow (1988)(Atari)(US)
Topics: points, evil, danger, tne, shoot, path, creatures, safely, adventurers, voracious, light gun, map...
Disk Wizard (1982)(CAP Software)
Topics: disk, sector, program, backup, sectors, display, data, wizard, enter, drive, disk wizard, reading...
Icepik Users Guide (1983)(ICECO)
Topics: icepic, printer, icegraf, program, dump, programs, esc, atari, dos, driver, joystick port, low...
Atari 410 Program Recorder Owner's Guide (1983)(Atari)
Topics: atari, program, cassette, tape, press, computer, programs, gram, recorder, data, program recorder,...
Dig Dug (1982)(Atari)(US)
Topics: dug, monster, monsters, pooka, fygar, rocks, joystick, veggies, dig dug
Alpha Shield (1983)(Sirius Software)(US)
Topics: alpherion, alpha, base, shields, shield, assault, sirius, storage, missiles, energy, alpha shield,...
Basketball (1979)(Atari)(US)
Topics: description, plav, ftfl, controllers, basketball
Castle Hassle (1983)(Roklan)(US)
Topics: whitecap, joystick, treasures, cartridge, arlington, roklan, castle, game, level, ghost, game play,...
Barnyard Blaster (1987)(Atari)(US)
Topics: atari, barnyard, gopher, critters, blaster, shooting, bonus, game, screen, light gun, gun
David's Midnight Magic (1982)(Broderbund)(US)
Topics: ball, atari, magicsave, drop, balls, joystick, bonus, targets, magnet, release, left drop, release...
Icepik Users Guide (1983)(ICECO)[addendum]
Topics: configur, icegraf, icepic, drivers, driver, port, program, versions, diskette, ramos, software...
Demon Attack (1982)(Imagic)(US)
Topics: game, games, numdei, highpi, imagic, uie
Atari APX 20048 Video Math Flash Cards Manual
( 2 reviews )
Topics: math, apx, atari, program, flash, press, version, advanced, computer, screen, math flash, video...
Atari Game Manual: mule
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (1979)(Atari)(US)
Topics: computer, moves, win, move, screen, game, press, square, button, difficulty level, option button,...
Disk-Pack 1000 (1983)(Alpha Systems)
Topics: disk, sectors, program, screendumper, bad, adjust, atari, menu, ultimenu, load, bad sectors, alpha...
Bug Hunt (1987)(Atari)(US)
Topics: bugs, game, points, bug, wave, accuracy, atari, screen, gun, score, light gun, bug hunt
Manual for the Atari 8 Bit computer cassette based software States & Capitols released in 1980.
Topics: Atari, Manual, 8bit
Atari Game Manual: Murder On The Zinderneuf
Deluxe Invaders (1981)(Roklan)(US)
Topics: cartridge, invaders, press, atari, program, joystick, power, computer, switch, start, power switch,...
Atari APX 20050 Eastern Front 1941 Manual
Topics: units, unit, combat, atari, russian, computer, program, strength, supply, game, combat strength,...
Atari Game Manual: Zorro
Atari APX 20096 Letterman Manual
Topics: letterman, atari, diskette, program, apx, word, select, secret, computer, version, secret word,...
Atari APX 20165 Monkey Up A Tree Manual
Topics: monkey, apx, atari, program, tree, computer, press, programs, cassette, grande, apx computer, joe...
Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals
by Allan B.
APX Atari Program Exchange Sketchpad
Topics: APX, Atari, Program, Exchange, 800, XE, XL, Sketchpad, Manual, 8-bit
Atari Game Manual: F15 Strike Eagle
Atari Easyfind Manual
Topics: easyfind, disk, file, search, option, display, record, atari, press, enter, disk drive, sierra...
Atari Game Manual: Goonies
Atari Game Manual: kampfgruppe
Atari ANALOG Computing Pocket Reference Card
Topics: cfl, graphics, bak, color, pfo, pfi, ooo, char, asc, mode, graphics point, point graphics, bak...
Atari XEP80 Interface Module Owner's Manual
Topics: Atari, XE, 800, XEP80, 80, column, Interface, Owner's, Manual, 8-bit
Atari APX 20008 BASIC Program Compressor (MASHER) Manual
Topics: masher, program, atari, basic, disk, variable, ram, software, lines, variables, disk drive,...
Atari Game Manual: Temple of Apshai Trilogy
Atari Game Manual: Kennedy Approach
Atari Game Manual: ali baba and the forty thieves
Atari CXL4005 Video Easel Manual
Topics: return, press, screen, joystick, hit, quad, design, cartridge, cursor, ibeam, return return, hit...
Disk-Pack 1000 (1983)(Alpha Systems)[enhancement notice]
Topics: disk, option, ultimenu, bad, sectors, binary, tape, select, instructions, drive, disk drive, binary...
Atari Game Manual: conflict in vietnam
Atari XEP80 manual
Topics: ffl, iii
Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals
by Allan B.
APX Atari Program Exchange Screen Dump Utility
Topics: APX, Atari, Program, Exchange, 800, XE, XL, Screen, Dump, Utility
Atari Game Manual: Blue Max
Atari Game Manual: Eidolon
Atari Game Manual: storm
Atari APX 20018 Sound Editor Manual
Topics: sound, editor, voice, atari, command, program, values, display, screen, sound editor, work screen,...
Atari Game Manual: gato
Atari Game Manual: star raiders
Atari Game Manual: zork1
Atari Game Manual: spy vs spy
Atari Game Manual: Ogre
Atari Game Manual: spare change
Atari Game Manual: Gauntlet
Atari Game Manual: space invaders atari400 manual
Atari Game Manual: lurking
Atari APX 20145 Spelling Genie Manual
Topics: word, spelling, genie, list, diskette, press, joystick, atari, arrow, apx, word list, spelling...
Atari Game Manual: 221B Baker St
Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals
by Allan B.
Atari Program Exchange Blackjack Tutor manual
Topics: Atari, 800, xe, xl, APX, Program, Exchange, Blackjack, Tutor